Our story

LunaMicro's vision
To be a world leading provider of microfluidic and electrokinetic devices.

LunaMicro's mission
To control and measure fluid flow on the microscopic scale.


LunaMicro is founded as our first patent was filed, primarily targeting microfluidic devices. The technology is the result of several years of research at Linköping University, Sweden.


LunaMicro started adapting our technology to a new market - textiles for an active life.


LunaMicro hires full-time CEO in Katarina Bengtsson, PhD.


LunaMicro receives funding from Vinnova, Innovative Startups, aiming at the fabrication of prototypes.


LunaMicro's first prototypes are being field-tested and optimized for a better consumer experience while we partner with various companies in the garment industry, aiming to reach a broader market and further develop our technology.

LunaMicro joins the Inkubator i Borås, connecting us to the heart of Swedish FashionTech.

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