Our technology

Electrokinetic systems offer the opportunity to pump fluids and perform chemical separations without moving (mechanical) parts. LunaMicro develops and commercializes technology for electrokinetic devices in collaboration with companies and universities to enable breakthrough technologies. Here are a couple of examples

Smart textiles

A fabric that allows sweat to be transported away no matter what? Does it sound like a fairytale? Our answer is yes. And we see ourselves as the lead characters in that tale. We have the technology to make it happen. To let you stay comfortable while active, and even more comfortable afterwards. We believe you deserve it!

A soft, flexible pump with no moving parts

Our patented electroosmotic pump technology can take many forms, including flexible fabric that can be electronically addressed to pump fluid from one side of a textile to the other. Anywhere undesired moisture should be transported across a flexible barrier, our technology can help, be it furniture, clothing, housing or a myriad of other applications.

A soft, flexible pump with no moving parts

Other applications

Lab-on-a-chip (microfluidic) pumps

The future’s medical diagnostic technology depends on today’s technological breakthroughs. LunaMicro specializes is pumps and separation systems that simplify microfluidic devices, making them autonomous, inexpensive, and more reliable than traditional systems. Our technology also enables the use of extrusion processes, such as 3D printing (fabbing), enabling an entirely new revolution in fabrication of MEMS, lab-on-a-chip, and point-of-care diagnostic devices.

Lab-on-a-chip (microfluidic) pumps

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